Management Training and Coaching


Management is key to making business profitable, yet many businesses lack a formal management training program. QCEP Consulting trainers are experienced in every facet of auto dealership operation and understand the unique pressures and changing marketplace of the industry. We work with your team to teach new skills and share successful strategies. 


  • Contrast "reactive management" with "proactive leadership"
  • Learn techniques for empowering others
  • Teach them to determine when to intervene
  • Creating "buy-in" with staff
  • Take charge of customer satisfaction
  • Break down processes and identifying what isn't working
  • Define and establish reliable performance metrics
  • Manage employees to succeed and grow


Managers are often asked to make decisions with far-reaching and long-lasting implications, and they often act independently because they don’t have a good advisory and support system. Do your managers have someone they can rely upon for good advice? Is that person involved in the day-to-day operations of your business? Is that person experienced in these issues and your industry?

While you may feel that your managers can come to you with questions, we often find the perception among managers to be quite different. Frequently, front-line and mid-level managers are reluctant to ask for help. They perceive their request for advice will somehow undermine their authority or highlight their lack of competency, so they often act without seeking help. QCEP Consulting management trainers and advisors represent an opportunity for your management team to get answers to their questions outside the normal channels. Our trainers and advisors will help your managers to make the right choices and guide them back to you for more information.

Additionally, because our consultants aren’t involved in the day-to-day operations of your business, we offer a perspective that is free of any organizational bias. Senior level managers especially appreciate our advisory services – sometimes discussing your business with an outsider is the only way to see what’s really happening inside your business. 

QCEP stands for: Quality, Customers, Employees, Profit.
QCEP Consulting optimizes human capital so that car dealerships increase market share, reduce overhead and boost profits.